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When downloading my music for free please credit me in your description.
It's really helps me out. Also, if you want to be the first to know about my new tracks then subscribe to my emailing list! 

My songs are free but I have pay what you want available. If you really like my music and want to support me then please donate. Even if it's the price of a coffee. Anything is appreciated and goes toward this being my career.

Important information:

Where can I use these songs?

Once downloaded, you are free to use the song on platforms like YouTube, podcasts, vlogs, reviews or any personal content. If you choose to download my songs for free then please credit me in your video or in the description. 

If you wish to use these songs in a professional environment (tv commercials, radio commercials, online ads, company websites and social media , live event advertising, tv shows, film, games, or any kind of product that you're selling) then you must contact me via email for a quote. If you use these songs without the official advertising licence in a professional environment that will be considered stealing. 

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